Arjoon Bose,
Project Manager, Marketing, Asia
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I work in the Asia zone for Garnier and am guided by our precept "Take Care" – of yourself, of others and of the planet.

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Every second of the day, 150 of our products are bought by our customers. It goes without saying therefore that we pay careful attention to the challenge of sustainable consumption which is of concern for everyone in society and is essential to L’Oréal's ability to grow responsibly.

Meeting the challenge

L’Oréal's growth ambition is to double our consumer base and make our products available to 1 billion new consumers by 2020 in markets around the world.

Our focus is on sustainable, organic growth, balancing our brands across sectors and countries and extending our international presence through selective acquisitions. For our growth to be sustainable it must be responsible and not at the expense of our environmental and social commitments.

At L’Oréal we are building sustainability principles into every activity, as described elsewhere in this website – including research and innovation, sourcing and production. However, companies alone cannot meet the challenge of sustainable consumption. Consumers have a major role to play along with the rest of society, to ensure that what is consumed today does not exceed what the world can provide tomorrow.

Corporate Consumer Responsibility (CCR)

L’Oréal's comprehensive CCR vision formalises our "contract" with consumers, puts them at the heart of everything we do and sets out seven key commitments that reinforce trust in our brands. This trust is essential to engaging with our consumers, meeting their beauty needs through sustainable products and encouraging positive behaviours.

Corporate Consumer Responsibility (CCR)

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